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Lived with the autistic artist Remzi Yılmaz, Tayfun is the elder brother of him. He was the co-curator of Yılmaz's first exhibition. He is the founder of the autistic brand Remo. Currently he is studying master at the University of Oslo in the field of media. Years of living with an autistic brother taught him to make advantages out of disadvantages, which he also shows in his works. He aims to make this exhibition a marginal and unforgettable one. For more information about him click.

Eirik is an artist living in Oslo. He has a Bachelor from, Oslo National Academy of  Arts, Department of Graphics. He is a member of the art community "Krause Kollektivet". He is  also engaged in Strykejernet Art School, where he is asisting to hold courses and direct workshops. Beside this, he works with people with autism. He directs an after-school offer for the wax autists. He devotes much of the time here, working with painting drawings and graphics, where   the works for this exhibition are also being produced.

A ceramic artist and an art teacher for the autistic young people, Caner has been working with different young people with autism. He has worked with the artist, Remzi for more than five years.  He has been teaching ceramic techniques to Remzi and guiding him while he creates. Caner has participated in different solo and group exhibitions in several countries in Europe and Asia. He is also a well known ceramic artist with his own pieces.

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