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Can the young autist talents use the world of art as a way of communication? Is this an art or a way of communicating with the world of "others"? The questions were asked to design this exhibition. On the between the 3rd and 5th of November you will have the chance to find the answers of a lot of questions related to the function of the brain and its reflection on the way of communication. We say Human=Autism and we invite you to experience it.


Turkish-Canadian artist, autistic Remzi Yılmaz is going to open his solo exhibition. Owner of his own interior brand, Yilmaz may amaze you with his way of understanding the things and expressing them on a piece of paper and forms he gives to clay.


Several Norwegian autist-young talents have been working with the co-curator Eirik Lillebror Mikkelborg and creating a way to express the inner feelings. The expression will be in the exhibition. You will be able to experience, be a part of, even taste the world of them.


You won't watch it you will experience it!

From the Curators

Autism=Human opens the doors to a world, which is as far as we think and as close as we have never thought. While experiencing the exhibition, beside an artistic talent, the audience will face a style, formed by the complicated structure of autism, a unique formation of mysteries, which happens during the process of brain function and the expression of these.


When Remo’s drawings and sculptures are examined carefully, these forms can be interpreted as inherent or mythical expressions. With the continuous excitement of expression with this narrative style and its application on his outstanding drawings and the ceramic forms, it is more than a possibility for him to make radical changes in the field of art. Categorically can be defined as “neuroart” Remo is not only in the agenda with his art works. The transformation of his name into a brand and the radical change and originality he gained by this is another important side of Remo.


This exhibition tells us how art can be changed into a way of expression for the autistic young people; how can one think with streaks, how can one dream, how can things be sensated, how can one talk by creating figures from the clay, and how can one talk about himself without talking. And receptives are going to find the answer of “But how?”

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