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Art as a mediator of communication for the autistic young people

Art is a magnificent way of expressing thoughts, feelings, emotions. When it meets with special people, it can give surprising results. It can protest a unique and peerless phenomena. In terms of music and plastic arts there are lots of examples of art meeting special people. When this is being researched by focusing on "Autistic" individuals, fine arts education should be retaken into consideration.


It can easily be observed that art is an inter-disciplinary field. When art meets with special education, the result is always beneficial for the society and it rises the social awareness towards autism. By this exhibition we create a space for the talented autists to show their world and way of communication.


With the title "Art as a mediator of communication for the autistic young people" professors of fine arts and special education are going to do a research on this exhibition. The result of the research is later going to be published as a book. During the exhibition presentations are going to be done regarding the research. In order to attend to presentations please mail us by clicking here.

Round Table


On the 4th of November, Saturday at 15:00 a round table meeting will be held at the gallery. Six different professionals are going to share their

knowledge in autism, communication & art. Everyone is invited to this

inter-disciplinary meeting, where autism will be discussed with different

angels. There will be limited seating.



Anders Nordahl-Hansen

Postdoc at UiO

Meltem Yilmaz

Professor of Architecture

Kjetil Teigen

Artist - Heaf of Studies

Anders is a postdoctor at the department of Special Needs Education at University of Oslo. He has been actively working on autism related topics as autism used in the movies and TV-serries. He is going to touch upon the ways of communication autistic people use to engage with others.

Mother to the autistic artist Remzi Yilmaz, Meltem

is a professor of architecture in Turkey. She is a member of Comission of Disablity at The Council of Higher Education in Turkey. She is going to share her academic findings on the relation between the environment and autism.

Kjetil is a lecturer at

Strykejernet school of arts and an artist. He has previously worked with autists and did a research in the field. Kjetil has also a great input on the formation of this exhibition. He is going to talk about relationships between Autism, language/communication and visual thinking.

Heidi Sundby


Candan Terwiel

Professor of Ceramics

Eirik Lillebror Mikkelborg

Artist - Curator

Mother to Agnes, one of the artists, exhibiting in

Autism=Human, Heidi is well known with her

internationally price winning film The Humming Child, where she introduces her life with her autistic little

daugther. As an artist Heidi is going to share her

experiences with autism as a mother and a film-maker.

Candan is a professor in ceramic field in Turkey. She has taken part in many international ceramic events in the academic world, both in Asia and Europe. Terwiel has been working in the field of art & disability together with several phd students. She is going to talk about previous works and experiences.

Eirik is the co-curator of the exhibition, Autism=Human. He has been working with young people with autism for years, in the field of art. Eirik is going to share his experiences of working with autistic youngsters. Moreover, as a co-curator, he is going to touch upon the details of the production process of Autim=Human.

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